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At About Care Australia, we understand the importance of a trustworthy service provider who can offer personalised and high-quality care for individuals with permanent disabilities. That is why we provide NDIS Supported Independent Living services to take care of the unique needs of our clients. Our services help participants live as independently as possible by learning important life skills.
What is SIL?
NDIS Supported Independent Living program provides support and assistance to individuals with disabilities who wish to live independently.Additionally, they continue to receive the support they need but also learn critical life skills to become more self-reliant. The program provides support services tailored to the individual’s needs, such as assistance with daily activities and household tasks. It may also include helping with managing finances and accessing community resources.

NDIS Supported Independent Living: How Does it Work?

Under the supported independent living NDIS program, participants receive assistance with daily living tasks. This includes cooking, cleaning, and personal care. The level of support provided is based on the individual’s needs and goals. It can range from occasional assistance to 24/7 care.
To participate in SIL, individuals must first be assessed and deemed eligible for funding. Once approved, they will work with their support coordinator to develop a plan that outlines their goals and needs. From there, they can choose a SIL NDIS provider of their choice who offers support services that align with their plan.
SIL providers are responsible for ensuring that participants receive the appropriate level of support and care. They may provide staff to assist with daily tasks or arrange for external services to be brought in as needed. Moreover, participants are encouraged to take an active role in their own care and decision-making process.
Overall, NDIS supported independent living can provide participants with the resources to live independently and achieve their goals. It offers a flexible approach that can be tailored to meet each participant’s unique needs and circumstances. This lays the foundation upon which an individual’s journey towards a more independent lifestyle can be built.

Eligibility for NDIS Supported Independent Living

To be eligible for NDIS Supported Living, an individual must meet certain criteria. As a first step, they must have a permanent and significant disability that impacts their daily living. They must also require assistance with personal care, household tasks, or community access. Additionally, the person must be 18 years old or above and an Australian citizen or hold a permanent visa. The participant should also be

Dedicated to practising and enhancing life skills 
Willing to share their personal space with a registered care provider
Prepared to adopt assistive technology for increased independence
The NDIS will assess the person’s eligibility based on their functional capacity and support needs. It is important to note that eligibility requirements may vary depending on individual circumstances and should be discussed with an NDIS representative. Our team can help you include NDIS Support Living services as part of your planin South-East Melbourne.

Choose the Right SIL Provider, Pick About Care Australia
When it comes to selecting a SIL NDIS provider, there’s no need to settle for the bare minimum. When you choose About Care Australia, you will have a team of passionate and creative individuals dedicated to providing the best NDIS Supported Independent Living support in South-East Melbourne. We work tirelessly to develop customised plans that maximise independence and quality of life. From our creative use of technology to our focus on community engagement, everything we do is designed to help our clients thrive.

Our innovative approach to NDIS Independent Living is based on a deep understanding of the unique needs and abilities of each individual we serve. Experience the difference that passion, creativity and innovation can make by filling out our form here. Feel free to call us on 0437 591 464 or write to us at for more details. We look forward to hearing from you.