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Respite care provides eligible NDIS participants and their carers a break or time off. Are you looking for respite care services in South-East Melbourne for yourself or your loved one? If so, About Care Australia is a trusted NDIS respite provider that provides high-quality and dependable respite care to NDIS participants. This support is provided by skilled professionals who ensure that the absence of the primary caregiver does not affect the participants’ life. To be eligible for NDIS-funded respite care, it should first be a part of your NDIS plan.
Our respite care includes various support services, including but not limited to:
  • Personal care
  • Overnight or a few day’s stay
  • Therapies and skill building
  • Community participation
  • Skill building
  • Meal prep
  • Assisted living

…and many more.

What is Respite Care?
Respite care – also known as short term break – allows NDIS beneficiaries to get in-home care or stay in an NDIS registered centre for a short duration. They get a qualified care provider to look after all their needs in a safe, familiar environment. These services can be provided in the comfort of their home or at a residential centre.
Likewise, respite care services also offer the caregiver time off from their daily routine. It allows them to rest and recuperate, enjoy their own personal time and enjoy their own plans. The support is a highly crucial one as both caregiver and patient get a reprieve from the monotony of their daily routines.
How Are Our Respite Care Services Beneficial for you in South-East Melbourne?
The benefits of respite care have made it an integral part of the NDIS plan for almost all eligible beneficiaries. Here are the various benefits of respite care for you and your carer:
  • Reduces stress and breaks the monotony
  • Professional care, therapy and skill building
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  • Personal care assistance by certified professionals
  • Change of scene and new experiences
  • Increased independence
  • Engaging your interests and hobbies
  • Relives the carer
Types of Respite Care Services at About Care Australia
We offer a wide range of respite care services to accommodate the various needs of participants. They include:
In-Home Respite Care: A care provider is assigned to you and takes care of all your personal and health-related needs in the safe and comfortable atmosphere of your home. It gives your regular care provider, usually a family member, a much-needed respite. The carer can attend to other personal or professional engagements.
Residential Respite Care: You can stay at the centre providing respite care or at a Supported Independent Living (SIL) facility. You are provided with caregivers and nursing staff to take care of your personal hygiene, meals, medications, therapies, etc. You also get a chance to meet new people and take part in various community activities. Other services that you and the NDIS service provider agree on are also provided in this.
Emergency Respite Care: Our emergency respite care helps deal with any emergency, like the death of a relative, accident or unforeseen surgery. Nursing staff or care providers are available on short notice to assist you in such sudden or unexpected situations.
What to Expect from Our NDIS Respite Care Services in South-East Melbourne
About Care Australia is at the forefront of providing excellent and reliable respite care services to NDIS beneficiaries. Our team has care providers and nursing staff who have years of experience and the right training. They are friendly, cheerful and always willing to go the extra mile to help people with disabilities they work with.
Our services are personalised as per your requirement and preferences. NDIS compliance and guidelines are at the heart of everything that we do. This has made us one of the most favoured respite care providers in the city. With us you always get:
  • Wide range of NDIS services
  • Trained and friendly staff
  • Easy bookings
  • Transparent billing
  • NDIS-compliant services
  • Flexible schedule
  • Matching client needs with the right care provider
  • Free consultation
  • Travel assistance


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