Professional NDIS Post Hospital Care in South-East Melbourne


After a stay at the hospital, transitioning back to normalcy can be difficult. Even as you focus on recovering and getting better, you need good post hospital care support. For people with disabilities, it can be a much bigger problem. However, with proper NDIS post hospital care, they too can have a positive transition back into their homes and community.
At About Care Australia, we provide the support you need after leaving a hospital. We deliver high-quality NDIS post discharge care services to look after your immediate as well as medical needs. Our experienced staff will help you regain strength and independence in the comfort of your home after being hospitalised.
What Is Included in Post Hospital Care Support?
The support provided under the NDIS post hospital care is tailored to the individual’s specific healthcare needs. It can be provided at home, in a shared accommodation or in any other setting in South-East Melbourne. The focus is on helping people with permanent disabilities avoid further medical complications by managing their condition after a visit to the hospital. These include:
  • Facilitating the transition from hospital to home: This includes transportation, help with cleaning, organising the home, and making sure you are on track to have an effective recovery.
  • Providing emotional, psychological, and spiritual support : Getting hospitalised can be a stressful experience for people with disabilities. This support focuses on connecting patients with counsellors who can help them deal with any stressors or issues.
  • Coordination of appointments and follow-up with specialists : Post operative care also includes scheduling appointments with physicians and coordinating transportation services if needed. This is to ensure the timely recovery of the patient by not missing any scheduled appointments.
  • Prescription refill assistance : Our specialists will help you find a pharmacy that carries your medication(s). This will expedite the process of getting them refilled by contacting the prescribing doctor’s office directly if necessary.
Importance of NDIS Post Hospital Care
NDIS post hospital care is an essential part of the recovery process for many people living with disabilities. It can help individuals regain their independence and improve their quality of life after hospitalisation. This post operative care can include a range of services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, personal care, and more. Additionally, this support also helps individuals manage their pain, improve their mobility, and boost their overall health and well-being.

Post operative nursing care can also help to prevent readmissions to the hospital by providing continuous support and monitoring of health needs. It is important to speak with your provider about NDIS post hospital care options to ensure you receive the best  possible care. This allows you to have the best support system during your recovery journey.

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If you or a loved one is getting ready to leave the hospital after a disability-related illness or injury, NDIS post hospitalisation care can help. It is important to consider the benefits of NDIS after hospital care for the elderly and youngsters alike. With the right help, participants will get the support they need to resume their normal lives after a hospital stay.
About Care Australia is all about quality, compassionate home care. We have been providing post acute care for many NDIS participants over the years. You can expect nothing less than the best for yourself and your loved ones. Call us now on 0437 591 464 or write to us at for more information. You may also fill out our online enquiry form at to get started.