NDIS Assistance with Activities of Daily Living in South-East Melbourne



Assistance with daily living includes providing support and supervision of daily living activities. NDIS plans are designed to provide you with the reasonable support necessary to perform daily activities. The cost and level of support funding for the assistance of daily living NDIS depend on the intensity of the participant’s disability and their needs. Moreover, the number of days and times a participant needs such support will impact the level of the support. For instance, people with complex needs will require additional support.
If you are looking for assistance with activities of daily living NDIS in South-East Melbourne, About Care Australia is here for you. We provide one of the best NDIS support services that help participants carry out daily activities confidently. Every support is personalised and based on the exact requirements of the individual. Depending on the level of support required, we scale up our support accordingly.
What Kind of Support Is Provided with Daily Living Activities?
Daily living support covers a broad range of activities that an individual performs regularly. For most people, these activities are part of their daily routines which they go through every day. However, for people with disabilities, even the simplest of tasks may pose a great challenge. This is where our assistance with daily living activities plays an important role.
Our services are tailored to suit your needs and help you live as independently as possible. Support with activities of daily living NDIS is not about doing things for you; it is about doing things with you. And ensuring that you are having a great time while doing it. Whether you live alone, require assistance while travelling or are on a vacation, we have you covered. A support worker will assist with the tasks and supervise as well to ensure that you learn how to do them with little to no assistance in South-East Melbourne.

We can help you with the following. 

  • Ambulating: Assistance to move from one place to another.
  • Dressing: Choosing appropriate clothes and putting them on.
  • Diet and nutrition: Help with meal preparation, cooking and eating.
  • Personal hygiene: Bathing, grooming, maintaining dental hygiene, hair and nail care.
  • Toileting: Assistance with getting to and from the toilet, appropriately using it and cleaning oneself.
  • Continence: Bladder and bowel care.
  • Community participation: Support during social and community participation to enjoy the best experience.
  • Transportation and travel assistance: Managing commute by driving or using other means of transport.
  • Managing finances: Paying bills and managing financial assets
  • Shopping: Procuring groceries, buying clothes and other daily necessities.
  • House maintenance: Cleaning, mopping the floors, dishwashing, dusting and maintaining a tidy home.
  • Gardening: Mowing the garden or lawn and keeping them prim and proper.
  • Managing communication: Managing your email, telephone and any other correspondence.
  • Medications: Obtaining your medicines and looking after medication and prescriptions.
  • Accommodation: Help in finding the right type of accommodation for SIL or STA and even respite care.
Why Choose Us for NDIS Assistance with Daily Living in South-East Melbourne?
About Care Australia is a registered NDIS service provider trusted by many in South-East Melbourne. Our team of friendly and passionate support staff use their knowledge and skills to better the lives of our clients. We are committed to providing you with open and unbiased professional advice.
The decisions of participants and their families will be respected. We will work with you and help you achieve your personal goals. Our support services are flexible and you can choose to get them wherever you want. For more information, you can call us on 0437 591 464 or write to us at info@aboutcareaustralia.com.au for NDIS assistance with daily living.