Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support in South-East Melbourne


About Care Australia is a specialised service provider that provides comprehensive support services to individuals who are living with a psychosocial disability/mental health illness. Our supports are tailored towards individuals who live with a psychosocial disability/mental health illness in collaboration with qualified support staff helping you health meet your goals and fulfil your aspirations. Your safety is always paramount, and our support team will ensure effective service delivery.
Our support services are tailored towards the following, but not limited to:
  • Individuals living with schizophrenia.
  • Individuals living with mood and affective disorders.
  • A current diagnosis of anxiety disorders.
  • A current diagnosis of autism.
We offer our services all year round with on call clinical support form our Registered Mental Health Nurses.
Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Recovery coaching provides support to people with psychosocial disability to live a full and contributing life. Supports are provided to help assist individuals take more control of their lives and help them better manage the complex challenges of day to day. Recovery coaches create a plan of action while using the participants current strengths to reach their desired goals.

The responsibilities and role of recovery coaches include:

  • Developing a recovery-enabling relationship.
  • Coaching to increase recovery skills and personal capacity, including motivation, resilience, and decision-making.
  • Supporting with your recovery planning.
  • Collaborating with the broader system of supports.
Call About Care Australia for your recovery coaching for attaining the goals important to you.